4 Skin Care Tips from a Millennial Aesthetician

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The millennial attitude toward skin care is far different than that of their baby boomer parents. The views of the younger generation — a beauty-from-the-inside-out approach — represent a sharp departure from the anti-wrinkle priorities of the past. Skin care to my generation has become so much more than just preventing crow’s feet. It’s about being beautiful on the both the inside and out, which means spending as much time worrying about what we put into our body’s as much as on the surface of our skin.

As a millennial, and someone who has chosen to make a career in the aesthetics industry working at Illuminate – Face & Body Bar, I’d like to offer a perspective on how some millennials view skincare and some new age tips on how to address your most pressing beauty needs:

  1. Preventative Skin Care

We are aware that we need to take care of our skin early in life so that we minimize the amount of harmful skin damage we incur over time.  Two easy ways to accomplish this in an affordable way:  lather yourself with sunscreen such as one of my favorites, Elta MD (priced from $23), and sign up for our amazing monthly membership plan, Illuminate365 (priced at $85/mo), to get your choice of a HydraFacial, an IPL, a Peel, Vitamin IV Therapy or teen acne treatment.

  1. Inside Out

A common trend I see with people of my generation is that they focus on “holistically” addressing their beauty needs by also paying attention to their internal “beauty.” Millennials understand that you have to take care of your internal health in order to help achieve your external beauty goals.  A good example of that is to get monthly Vitamin IV Therapy (priced from $35 for vitamin injections and $125 for vitamin IV therapy) which is a great way to make sure your body gets the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

  1. Organic/Natural

Millennials are mindful of the skin care products they use. There is an emphasis that you need to be “real” underneath it all and still look good because you are focusing on being healthy.  A great way to accomplish this is to use our Illuminate brand of skin care products which make you feel and look great without feeling like you are putting a bunch of chemicals on your face!

  1. Sheet Masks

Another trend I see millennials supporting is the use of sheet masks to help with the face complexion.  Sheet masks such as Skinceuticals Bio Cellulose Restorative Masque (priced at $25) work well, are affordable and actually fun to wear.  You wouldn’t believe how many millennials actually post themselves on Instagram with sheet masks on!

By: Autumn Tai

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