Enhancing Beauty through Natural Minerals and Enzyme

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Sharina Heiney

Minerals and Enzymes Work Together

Minerals and enzymes make a powerful team in terms of a person’s health and beauty.

Plants develop mineral content from the soil they are grown in. When we eat a diet full of organic greens, we receive a spectrum of minerals essential to our beauty. These minerals also provide us with the vitamins and amino acids that are fundamental to building muscle and bone mass. This is why organic sourced produce is vital to your health. Minerals assimilate into a person’s body with the support of enzymes. Enzymes are substances that occur naturally in all living things. They help us digest our food and absorb nutrients through the digestion process. Enzymes are the catalyst for chemical reactions such as metabolism, repairing DNA, repairing and preventing wrinkles, skin revitalization, warding off disease, and contributing to smooth, youthful skin. However, as we age the enzyme activity in our body begins to decrease. To preserve the remaining enzymes we must feed our bodies with the enzymes found in raw plants.

Recommended Digestion Tips:

Cooking many of these enzyme-rich foods kills the enzyme benefits. That is why it is so important to get natural enzymes through raw foods. Here are my recommendations in incorporating these foods into your diet:
  1. Start your day with with a green smoothie and incorporate a salad with every meal. This will increase your enzyme intake.
  2. Limit juicing (except for wheatgrass and watermelon juice) as it can potentially overtax your digestion system due to the rapid cleansing action of juicing.
  3. Drink more smoothies! By blending foods before eating them, you “predigest” them, making it easier for your body to digest. During the blending process important minerals and nutrients that are typically encased are exposed making them bio-available to the body without the body doing any work. This helps the body clean itself and restore health much quicker than eating the foods in solid form.
  4. Take a high quality plant based digestive enzyme supplement such as Garden of Life, Enzymedica or Solaray. This will help with the assimilation of minerals and nutrients. It will also preserves the body’s own enzymes which slows the aging process, supports healthy digestion and preserves energy so it can be used to rebuild and replace damaged cells such as the collagen of the skin.  Lastly, it enhances the detox process while alleviating bloating, constipation and gassiness.
  5. Use probiotics, such as Garden of Life and Mega Food. Healthy gut bacteria produce an enzyme that sends signals to make more enzymes, including enzymes that break down food. Probiotics also help with synthesizing B vitamins and improving overall vitamin synthesis which is essential for enzyme function.
  6. Incorporate Illuminate – Face & Body Bar’s vitamin IV and injection therapy into your health regime.  A number of the different vitamin “cocktails” are excellent for digestive health.  ($125 for vitamin IV therapy and $35 for vitamin injections)

Having a healthy digestion process will help preserve enzyme activity so we can absorb minerals and vitamins to maintain a healthy and youthful body!  

Sharina Heiney

About our Illuminations Blog Contributor:

Sharina Heiney is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner who focuses on wellness and prevention of illness through the use of Ayurvedic and Integrative holistic nutritional therapies to achieve optimal health.  The combined use of these therapies was conceived by Sharina through her own personal experience.  She believes this combined approach works to heal the body from a cellular level up by using healing-oriented therapies that take into account the mind, body and spirit while increasing energy and achieving overall balance. Sharina teaches nutrition education, counsels clients and enjoys rock climbing, hiking and spending time outdoors with her family.  She obtained her training from The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO.
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