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Q& A with Nurse Practitioner, Hollie Tyler

Q1: It’s essential to wash your hands, especially in the Winter when flu season is in full swing.  How do I keep my hands clean while preventing them from becoming dry and cracked? Use a moisturizing hand or hand sanitizer.  Always use hand lotion after washing hands, Wear gloves every time you go outside. The frosty air and cold winds can dry out hands. The easiest way to protect your hands is to wear gloves. Keep a few pairs of gloves, in your car, by the front door, etc. so you always have a pair handy. Use rubber gloves when doing housework. Housework isn’t just done in the winter so this tip is really for all seasons. Use gloves when cleaning with chemicals and washing dishes. Overexposure to hot water and chemicals can strip your skin of its natural oils making them look dry and chapped.  Don’t forget to exfoliate you hands a couple of times a week.  Make sure you use a sunblock on your hands every day especially while driving when the sun causes most sun damage to the hands.

Q2: From cracked lips to dry skin, your face is constantly exposed to the harsh Winter elements and suffers the consequences.  What skincare routine would you recommend for winter-proofing your face? I would recommend washing your face with a mild soap then following up with a toner. My favorite is our Vivant Tonic forte or gentle scrub Vivant Mendelic Acid Scrub to remove dead skin. It is also important to use topical antioxidants and  peptides treatment as they have been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin. A few of my favorites products with these ingredients are C E Ferulic Antioxidant serum by SkinCeuticals. Incorporating skin brighteners and retinol in your nightly routine will stimulate the turnover of new cells and protect the hydration of the skin, giving your skin a fresh start the following morning.  I recommend Neocutis Perle Brightening Serum and SkinCeuticals Retinol Complex 0.5.  Follow this with a nourishing moisturizer and eye cream for bedtime.   I like Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream by Neocutis.

Q3: Aside from the obvious effects of Winter on the external parts of your body, what suggestions do you have to to promote overall body wellness during the Winter months? Winter is the perfect time of the year to get rid of dead, dry skin.  I am a big believer in body brushing every day before showering. Use a natural boar hair soft bristle body brush, . Dry brush the whole body briskly with firm pressure in upward strokes, brushing toward the heart.  Concentrate on thighs and buttocks with vigorous, upward strokes to minimize the appearance of cellulite, get rid of dry skin, and improve circulation. My patients have noticed a difference in their tone and appearance in cellulite after a few weeks of dry body brushing. Using a good body scrub in the shower once or twice a week is also a great idea during the Winter months. And, don't forget to moisturize the whole body. I recommend oiling the body after showering while the body is still wet for optimum absorption. Hydration also comes from the inside out.  During Winter, remember to drink plenty of water.  I like to drink hot water and herbal tea and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.  This helps keep the body alkaline and also helps burn fat.

Q4: What are your top product go-tos to beat the effects of Winter conditions? A  good sun protection in Winter is important.  I like Elta MD sunblock.  Also, keep Vaseline or Aquaphor on the bed stand at night to use on the lips.  Both products create a protective barrier and replenish moisture.

Q5: Are there any Winter-specific treatments or wellness / skincare habits your would recommend readers incorporate into their routine to combat the cold weather? Winter is a great time to work on any pigment, brown spots or melasma you may have developed during the summer months. I recommend chemical peels and light-based therapy for color correction and textural improvement for face, body and hands. Consult your skin care specialist who can recommend the best ones for your skin type. Winter is the safest and best time to "clean up " and smooth out your skin.

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