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It’s 2018 and with the start of every New Year the urge to reset and channel our intentions is strong. The flurry of “New Year, New [insert a million marketing initiatives]” flooding our feeds can be overwhelming. To help make the transition from holiday vacation mode to goal digger we like to enlist the help of our fave DIY wellness remedy...aromatherapy.

What is it? Aromatherapy utilizes plant material and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, to improve psychological or physical well-being.

The benefits? Endless. Aromatherapy has been known to reduce anxiety, ease depression, increase energy and promote healthy sleep. Additionally, there are physical benefits to using essential oils on specific body points. Some of the healing effects can help relieve headaches, boost your immune system and even mitigate general aching pain.

Which to use? There are countless essential oils to choose from, depending on your prefered outcome. At Illuminate, we’ve curated a selection of six essential oil blends for you to pair with a crystal of choice during your treatment to enhance your overall wellness experience well after you leave. Here is a little bit about each of them and how you can integrate them into your daily routines:

  • Illuminate Signature Blend // Woodsy/Grounding - lemon (citrus), juniper berry (peaceful), cypress (grounding), grapefruit (citrus), frankincense (earthy/uplifting), myrrh (grounding), lemongrass
    • USE: Ground yourself amongst the chaos - use our Signature Blend to be present and find peace
  • Beauty // Earthy/Clearing - spruce, eucalyptus (invigorating), cypress (grounding), cedar (warm, comforting, uplifting), sandalwood, birch, Palo santo (cleansing/refreshing)
    • USE: The Beauty blend is used as an uplifter and refresher to feel invigorated from the inside out
  • Confidence // Floral/Romantic - geranium (floral), clary sage (uplifting/clarifying), rose Moroccan absolute (floral), jasmine grand absolute (romantic)
    • USE: Clear your mind from the noise - use Confidence to feel uplifted and in touch with your feminine essence
  • Radiance // Uplifting - mandarin, geranium (floral) , neroli (citrus/floral), rosewood, jasmine (romantic)
    • USE: Radiance gives you the energetic boost you need with notes of citrus and florals to awaken your senses
  • Renewal // Herbal/Calming - lavender (fresh, floral, clean,calm) cedar atlas, frankincense(earthy/uplifting), cistus, bergamot (sweet/citrus), sandalwood
    • USE: Ease anxiety and stress with Renewal - this blend immediately calms the mind, body and soul
  • Wellness // Clean/Therapeutic - lavender (fresh, floral, clean,calm), rosemary (robust/botanical), peppermint (invigorating/peaceful)
    • USE: Wellness is the ultimate mindful blend with notes that make you feel both invigorated and calm

Have you ever incorporated aromatherapy into your daily wellness or beauty routine? What are you favorite scents? Share in the comments below or ask any questions and we’ll get back to you.

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