What to expect when you are a first time Illuminate client.

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When you enter into any Illuminate Face & Body Bar location, you can expect to be greeted into a friendly and relaxing environment.

At Illuminate, we like to address all of your 5 senses. Firstly, you will smell one of our lovely aromatherapy scents diffusing throughout the office. Upon check in, you will be lead to choose from one of our 5 signature essential oil blends, Confidence, Beauty, Radiance, Renewal & Wellness. Your selection will be diffused in your treatment room during their visit.

At Illuminate, we recognize the importance of promoting inner peace and mindfulness with our selection of Inner Radiance Meditations. You can arrive early and/or stay after your treatment to enjoy some of our music and mantra based meditations.

In our lounge, we offer a variety of healthy and delicious snacks & beverages for you to enjoy during your visit. At every Illuminate location, you can expect Kombucha on tap.

Although our Illuminate locations may vary in size, you will see a consistency of interior design as well as products offerings.

In addition to carrying the highest quality of skin care lines, we have a line of exclusive IIluminate retail items such as beautiful crystal bracelets as well as brand name supplements, body soaks and bath accessories.

Positive vibes are essential to a productive and happy lifestyle. A unique treat here at Illuminate Face & Body bar is our crystal offerings. At the beginning of each new client's visit, you are presented with an option of 5 crystals: Onyx Stone, Rose Quartz, Tree Agate, Fluorite or Amethyst. Each of these stones have specific energies ranging from attracting love, promoting prosperity, cleansing, calming and releasing of negative energy. We urge you to choose the stone or crystal that you are drawn to.  You keep your stone during your treatment and can take it home as our gift to you.

We believe in beauty from the inside out and all our practices are created to stimulate your five senses and create a positive experience at any of our Illuminate locations.

As always, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly front office staff and lead to our lounge.

Our expert and certified nurses and treatment providers will be there to say hello and bring you into your treatment.  At that time, our provider(s) will speak with you about your goals and what you can expect before, during and after your treatment. You can feel confident that you will be thoroughly educated on your treatment  and provided with pricing. Our goal is always help you create a beautiful natural look in all you do.

Upon check out, you can enjoy a beverage and a healthy snack while the front office team completes your transaction and schedules your next appointment.

For now, we will say goodbye but only until we see you next time. You will feel great knowing you did something just for you. We promise, your body, mind, and soul will love it!
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